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I bet there’d be way fewer weight loss success stories if it weren’t for workout For playlists: See bottom of the page for a listing.songs.  I’ve tried working out or doing my cardio in silence.  Never again!  It just sucks without the sustaining fuel that songs supply.

I’m not alone in this either.  Workout songs really do boost weight loss motivation. There’s tons of research out there that confirms that we work harder and longer with the right music.  And, even better in my opinion, is that the PRE (perceived rate of exertion) is lower when jamming to music.  In other words, if while I’m lifting weights, I’ve got good workout songs that I like ringing through my ears, my brain tells my body I’m actually having a little fun and it feels easier – which helps me work harder – which multiplies my success!

On Genres – What Your Choices Say About You
I firmly believe that a person’s choice of music speaks volumes about them.  Here are some observations I’ve made about people and their choice tunes:

(Be forewarned.  If you are easily offended, don’t read on.  I think I step on everyone’s toes.  Lighten’ up!)

Heavy Metal Listeners.  These people tend toward anger.  But, a lot of these people don’t even know what they’re angry about.  And, they like it like that and don’t want to let it go.

Rap/R&B.  They tend to be narcissistic folk.  They don’t really like to break too much of a sweat and ruin their air of coolness.  However, the zone-producing beat of their songs really helps them with their tempo while working out.

Ipod by Antonio MouClassic Rockers.  These people are pretty cool.  They’re usually people who are a little stuck in their younger days, perhaps trying to regain a little confidence and freedom they had “back then.”  We all have songs from our teen years that flood us with memories that we can channel into usable energy for our workouts, I guess.

Christian Listeners.  There are lots of songs out there in every genre you can think of that you wouldn’t even know were Christian unless  you listened carefully to t he lyrics.  This breed of people are generally level-headed and on a mission.  Wouldn’t really know much more about them as they’re kind of clique-ish and don’t talk much to us dyed hair, piercing type people.

Theme Music/Show Tunes.  These people crack me up.  They view life and their workouts as a stage or a theater.  There’s usually a good spring in their step and they always silently mouth the words as the sing along while doing their cardio.

I’ve spend tons of time finding good songs and trying them out, seeing which ones work the best.  It’s really all about personal tastes, mood and the objective.  If I’m feeling kind of bitchy and it’s time for HIIT, I’ll probably choose a Pink or Evanescence song.  If I’m feeling kind of lonely because I’m missing my hubby and I’ve got to push out a hard weight training session, I’ll probably rely on Queensryche or Fergie.

The workout playlists I’ll be giving in this section of Body Mojo will, by design, supply a wide variety of genres and tempos.  And, for the love of God, don’t be so stuck on your coolness that you refuse to try some titles that are out of your usual playlist.  If you’re a metal head, don’t’ scoff at a Disney movie remake song (like La Vida Loca with Antonio Banderas and Eddie Murphy.)  Try having a sense of humor.  If you’re not a big enough man to listen to something kind of ‘out there,’ well…then… grow up and get a life!  There’s nothing sexier than a man with a sense of humor.

Every time I post a new playlist, I like to give a short commentary on why it’s a good song to try.  Sign up for the Body Mojo newsletter at the bottom right of the page, and you’ll get the new workout song ideas whenever I post them.  Oh, and help other, too:  Email me any songs that have really worked for you and why and I’ll include it in a playlist.
Whatever you listen to, just do what works and keep rockin’!



Here are the playlists to browse through and sample the workout songs.
Workout Tunes

Workout Mix Playlist Mix of Genres. Akon to Alice in Chains!

Rock Playlist 10 Great Rock Tunes for Your Next Workout

Grungy Playlist Alternative Songs. STP to Jane's Addiction

Country Playlist Swang to Twang

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