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Fitness and Weight Loss Contests, Competitions, and Camps
Get Psyched with Deadlines and Prizes

If you've never entered a weight loss transformation, fitness competition, or challenge, you don't know what you're missing. Although there are some excellent prizes to be had, the benefits ripple out much farther than that.

When you commit to a contest, it:

Weight Loss Transformation Pushes you to excel.
Weight Loss TransformationHolds you accountable.
Weight Loss TransformationBreathes life back into your routine.
Weight Loss TransformationSupplies you with awesome motivation.
Weight Loss TransformationHas built in deadlines.
Weight Loss TransformationGives you a sense of purpose.
Weight Loss TransformationProvides you with a sense of community.

The whole feel of entering a new challenge is exciting: The before and after pics, the promise of prizes, the new logs to record your diet/exercise, maybe a new supplement...oooohhhhhh. My pulse is quickening just thinking about it.

What kind of challenge should you enter, or adventure should you embark on? Well, there are four basic kinds:

Weight Loss TransformationWeight Loss Challenges and Transformation ChallengesWeight Loss Transformation
Weight Loss TransformationFitness and Bodybuilding CompetitionsWeight Loss Transformation
Weight Loss TransformationRacesWeight Loss Transformation
Weight Loss TransformationFitness Camps
Weight Loss Transformation

Just find the one you're most interested in, get prepared, commit, and excel!

The list of contests, races, camps, etc. below is frequently updated. Bookmark this page so you'll have a good resource to always come back to. If you have an event or contest you'd like to add to the list, please email me the info.

Weight Loss Challenges and Transformation Challenges

Meltdown Challenge
Ends: December 21, 2009Meltdown Challenge
Prizes: Cash pot and lots of other cool prizes like ebooks, gear, and protein.
Notes: This is a 12 week weight loss transformation and you can see past winners on the site.

Body For Life
Body For Life Challenge

Ends: Periodically
Prizes: $25,000 cash prize!
Notes: 12 Weeks of a Solid Program

Turbulence Training Transformation ChallengeTurbulence Training
Ends: Periodically
Prizes: $1000 plus a 3-Year TT Membership
Notes: Lots of people doing this weight loss transformation, so the support is out there. Excellent program, too.

Awesome Weight Loss Motivation

Fitness and Bodybuilding CompetitionsTurbulence Training

NGA World Bodybuilding & Figure Championship
Ends: Yearly, in September
Prizes: $600-$1000
Notes: Pro and Amateur. $100 Entry Fee

NGA Music City Night of the Champions
Ends: Yearly, in June
Prizes: unspecified
Notes: Nasheville. Pro and Amateur. $55-75 Entry Fee
Site: Competition Search Guide
Ends: Ongoing
Prizes: unspecified
Notes: Excellent search tool. Find local competitions in the time period you're interested in.
Site: Competitions

Ends: Ongoing
Prizes: unspecified
Notes: Tons of competitions. You can search by state. Lots of age groups. Good overall site.

Awesome Weight Loss Motivation


WTF Tri Fitness World ChallengeTurbulence Training
Ends: November 2009
Prizes: unspecified
Notes: Obstacle Course, Fitness, Physique. If this doesn't look like fun, something is seriously wrong with you!
Site: Events Search
Ends: ongoing
Prizes: unspecified
Notes: Search for and sign up for almost any type of sporting event. A great place to plan out your race calendar.

Runner's World Race Search
Ends: ongoing
Prizes: unspecified
Notes: Search for local races and load up whenever you feel a need for speed.

Awesome Weight Loss Motivation

Fitness Camps

Jenny Hendershott's Phat Camps
Ends: various times throughout the year
Cost: $325
Notes: Spend the weekend with Jenny Hendershott, a Olympia Champion! Looks like a blast.


Julie Lohre's Everything Fitness Camps
Ends: TBA
Cost: Unspecified
Notes: Julie Lohre is a fitness goddess. Strong, beautiful, and clear headed. Her camps are designed to test your limits. Sounds like fun, right?

OFF Camps
Ends: TBA
Cost: Unspecified
Notes: OFF stands for overcome fitness fears. Train with Adela Garcia and Jen Hendershott and receive tons of hands on training.


Keep Challenging Yourself and Reaching New Heights 

Tons more resources coming! Weight loss challenges and other events will be uploaded periodically. Sign up for the newsletter to be notified when new events are posted.

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Fitness and Weight Loss Camps, Competitions, and Contests


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