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White EvilsWhen carving out my new lifestyle, weight loss recipes were the first thing I tinkered with.
In the beginning stage, I eliminated butter, mayo, and all high fat foods.  Then there came a dwindling of the evil whites.

I’d never been a huge fan of soda or things like that, but the thought of giving up chips and ice cream left me feeling like Armageddon was underway.

I’ve learned that for every food I truly enjoy, there is a substitute that can replace it. 

Getting rid of ice cream would leave a gaping wound, so I filled the hole with something else.  I’ve learned to satisfy my taste buds and lose weight while doing it.  That is a great key to weight loss success, people!

There is a time and a place for both low carb and low fat dieting strategies, the two major approaches to weight loss.  Personally, I rotate these methods periodically and find that both work quite well.  I’ll make sure to label my recipes either low carb or low fat to make it easy to find what you’re looking for.

Variety is so vital to long term weight loss and muscle building success, I cannot stress this enough.  We all will have to do our time and eat a good amount of the standard chicken/broccoli/EVOO meals, but no one should live off of it forever.  Switching up meals and approaches is not only healthier, but will prevent you from becoming a boring food nazi.

Simple meals are also a must.  Who wants to spend hours making a meal that takes 10 minutes to eat?  Most of the weight loss recipes and food ideas I log here are what I use on a daily basis.  They are not fancy shmancy cuisine.  Yeah, I  know how to make a 3 layer chocolate ripple cake that could win a blue ribbon.   (My excellent cooking skills suited me well when I was a chunky momma.)  But, you won’t see any crap like that here.  Know why?  It’s made of jiggly butt fat.

Here’s what I can promise from all the weight loss recipes, clean eating ideas, and bodybuilding recipes that I post here:

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