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Get Country Strong:
Cinder Block Workout
cinder block

Don’t have the equipment to workout? Bologna. All you need is an ordinary cinder block. Workouts can be tailored to your level of fitness, too.

I live on a nice chunk of land in the country and love to switch up my workouts, take them outside, and make use of what’s available. I do have access to equipment and a gym, but there’s something to be said for just roughing it, and getting down in the dirt.

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by Sunny


Weight Loss Goals?
Keep 'Em to Yourself

If you’re one of the millions of people whose top new years resolutions consist of some form of weight loss goal, you might just want to zip your lip about it. Professionals in every field maintain that when we tell others about our goals, it could zap our willpower and hurt us in the long run.

Derek Sivers, a super nice millionaire entrepreneur and author of Anything You Want, explains in his short TED talk that when we tell others our goals, (like those all-important weight loss goals), it tricks our brains into believing that the act is already done, therefore minimizing our motivation.

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by Sunny


Using Negativity as a Catalyst for Change
Motivation for Weight Loss
CC Liscense, Alasis

Negativity oftentimes slaps us smack in the face, especially when we’re at our lowest point.  Using negativity in reverse fashion can help you turn it into a powerful catalyst for change, and help fuel your motivation for weight loss.

Negativity is irrespective of persons.  From corporate downsizing to stubbed toes, crap happens.  Let’s say you’re feeling kind of schlumpy.  Then, bam!  A friend remarks that you’ve put on a few pounds.  It happens to best of us.

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by Sunny


How to Design Your Own Simple Workout
Easy Workout Ideas
vegan bodybuilder

I hear from people all the time that they don't have time to workout, much less design their own simple workout program.  We all know that achieving our goals really is a matter of prioritizing. 

If you aren't exercising regularly, you simply aren't putting fitness high enough on your list of priorities. It happens to all of us.  The best thing to do if you find your exercise commitment slipping is to recognize the problem (which you are obviously doing now) and then renew your commitment by reminding yourself of why you wanted to get fit in the first place. 

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by Sunny


Fruit Diet
Get Fit on Fruit
vegan bodybuilder

Eat fruit and get fit? Sounds like a joke, right? Nope. There’s just too many benefits from fruit to ignore or exclude them from your diet.

People on a mission to lose weight will try almost anything. They can get pretty desperate.

If you scan the pages of any fitness or bodybuilding magazine, you’ll see a lot of sample diets from prominent fitness folks. They’re usually pretty cut and dry chicken, broccoli, and occasional brown rice diets. Blah. Blah. Blah.

You'll hardly ever see bodybuilders wolfin’ down fruit smoothies.

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by Sunny


Can You Really Boost Your Metabolism?Boost Metabolism
Facts, Excuses, and a Plan

I hear comments all the time like, “How do I raise my metabolism,” or “I guess I just have a slow metabolism,” and the ever popular, “Can I boost my metabolism?”

Right off the bat, I need to let you know that claiming to be a victim of a slow metabolism is no excuse for being overweight. I mean, if you’re scarfing down Arby’s and then say you have a round midsection because you have a sluggish metabolism, you not foolin’ anybody. Take an honest look at your habits and stop hiding them behind a feigned effort.

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by Sunny


New Motivational WallpaperMotivatinal Wallpaper
You Can Achieve the Body You Desire


Get motivated every time you see your computer desktop. Never Give Up! Achieve the body of your dreams with consistency, inspiration, and unrelenting desire.


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by Sunny


Jamin Thompson On MotivationJamin Thompson
No Whining. No Excuses.

Jamin Thompson, "Jrock," is quite an inspirational man. He's a fat loss expert, model, motivational speaker, and author of the e-book "The Six Pack Secret." Check out his article below.

My opinion is that, until people have committed enough in their preparation, they won't care enough when they fail. Many of us do not put forth enough effort, take enough risks, or aim as high as we can for fear of failure and the unknown. Life is full of “what ifs” and your mind will create many demons. Everyone has a breaking point where the gain or possible good outcome does not seem worth the pain.

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by Sunny


Water for Weight Loss
Complete a Water Challenge

We all know the importance of drinking water. Or so we say. There are so many benefits of drinking water, its amazing the world isn’t following this simple advice.

Let’s see. There’s a free substance with zero side effects that accomplishes all of the following:

• Cleanses the body
•Keeps skin clear and bright
•Gives energy

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by Sunny


Total Body Workout
Hardcore Workout at Home

PushupsHopefully, we've evolved enough in fitness culture, to understand that a gym membership is not mandatory to a fit body. It is, in fact, just a preference.

In case you are one of the the gym rats who believe that unless you're pumping iron at the gym, you're not really working out, consider this: You're wrong. Every muscle of the body can be worked out with either bodyweight, or very simple equipment. In terms of real benefits, functional training is leagues ahead traditional (dare I say out-dated?) training.

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by Sunny


Swang to Twang
Country Top Ten Workout Songs
cowboy boots

A Country Top Ten list is probably one of the least sought after genres. But, everyone should give it a try. Although a lot of country lyrics leave much to be desired, the songs still have a lot to offer:

•They are upbeat.

•They stay with the same beat throughout, which can be helping when counting reps or doing cardio.

•Many country songs are actually just stories put to music. Even though they're tacky, you end up listening to to see how it ends. This can be an advantage because it can make time go by faster if your workout feels like it's dragging on.

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by Sunny


80 Awesome Weight Loss Tips
Practical Advice from Zen Habits
Weight Loss Tips

I was reading Zen Habits the other day and came across this post of Leo's on weight loss tips. It's just amazing. And he's even generous enough to let others post it on their own sites, due to his amazing uncopyright policy. Thank you, Leo! Most of the stuff on his site is truly usable information. Here's the article in full below. Try incorporating any of these tips that resonate with you.

80 Awesome Weight Loss Tips

Last week I asked you all to offer up your best weight-loss tips. And boy, did you deliver.

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by Sunny


Healthy Snack Recipes
Weight Loss Recipes to Keep Hunger Away
healthy snack recipes

Hunger is an unfortunate, but necessary, part of any weight loss endeavor. Sorry to burst your bubble, if you were thinking you could achieve an awesome body without suffering a bit.

When your body is burning away fat, you are basically cannibalizing yourself. Can you say, "Ouch?!" All those pleasurable moments you've spent horking down cookies and pizza... Did you think you wouldn't have to pay for that?

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by Sunny


Ten Rock Songs for Your Next Workout
A Cool Playlist
Rock Playlist

Ahhhhh... A good rock playlist with a mix between oldies and new songs. When a hard song is blaring, it blocks out all other thoughts. The only thing my mind has room for is pumping out the weights, and the song on my ipod. It's exactly what I need to tear some muscle fibers. Check out the rock songs below that're currently on my playlist.


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by Sunny


Motivating Quotes
Handpicked Gems that Can Transform Your Mind
Quill Pen

Motivating quotes are always in super high demand for one reason: they work! They’re like a shot in the butt. They get our minds thinking on the right track.

Motivational quotes remind us of who we are and where we’re heading. They are a quick way to boost our morale, showering us with bits of truth that cut to the heart of what we need to be focusing on.


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by Sunny


Cool New Body Fat Goal Tracker
Free Goal Setting Tool

Using the Body Mojo Body Fat Goal Tracker to keep an eye on your decreasing body fat. It's a simple tool to use that will help steer you in the right direction. There's also a simple calculator to help you determine your body fat percentage.

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by Sunny


Addicted to Food?
Stop Emotional Eating
Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is a sure ticket to unhappiness and fatness. Sorry if that sounds insensitive, but it's true. I've struggled with food addiction long before I knew there was such a thing. If you've ever thought (or acted) like food was your friend, you might want to examine your habits.

Emotional eating, food addiction, and sugar addiction are common problems. So common, in fact, they seem "normal." De-stressing by wolfing down some chips or McDonalds, eating tons of sweets during down times, and believing in the pseudo-power of the chocolate/love relationship is NOT NORMAL. There is another way!


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by Sunny


F%#@! Cardio
Learning to Love Cardio Workouts
Cardio Workouts

Loving cardio workouts? Does that sound like a joke? Do you know why most people never attain high fitness levels, or lose it once they've managed to get there? They don't love the process, the lifestyle. They just do the cardio to get it over with, viewing it as necessary evil. They eek by with as little as possible and dread it.

So, here's a question for you: Can you keep doing something you despise for the rest of your life? Would you even want to? I know I wouldn't.

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by Sunny


Workout Songs PlaylistWorkout Playlists
Mix of Genres from Akon to Alice in Chains

Nothing's better than a new set of workout songs to get motivated for the next workout. Whenever I find juuuuust the right song that's got the exact beat my body needs at the moment, it puts me into an incredible state of flow. A great high... Much more so than any chocolate chip cookie or glass of wine can offer me.

Keep in mind that many of the workout songs I find, you may not have heard of, or maybe are totally out of your comfort zone. If your fave is Metallica and I suggest Will Smith, don't freak out. Just give it a try, even if getting a laugh is your main motivator. It works, really.

Ten Great Songs to add to your ipod.

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by Sunny



Mental Training TacticsMental Training
Using Your Mind for Weight Loss Success

Weight loss affirmations, EFT, visualizations... Mental aspects really should be the meat of any fitness, weight loss, or athletic endeavor. In fact, I'm growing clearer and clearer that the culprit of failure is poor mental training.

This mental aspect of weight loss gets me giddy, like a kid with a new toy. I LOVE delving into these tactics because 1. They're fast becoming a reliable science, and 2. They work!

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by Sunny


Plethora of Weight Loss Motivation TipsMotivation Articles
Keep the Fire Blazing

I wish that someone had given me a Cliff Notes for the Perfect Physique chock full of weight loss articles at the beginning of my fitness journey. It would've been nice to have fed on a steady diet of motivation with solid, practical advice to help me actually follow through with my dreams, not just fill my head fluffy facts.

How much easier my life would have been to have had a list that contained all the small details I now know. All these combined lessons and strategies is what has delivered the success I've worked so hard to attain!

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by Sunny


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