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Weight Loss Goals? Keep ‘Em to Yourself

If you’re one of the millions of people whose top new years resolutions consist of some form of weight loss goal, you might just want to zip your lip about it. Professionals in every field maintain that when we tell others about our goals, it could zap our willpower and hurt us in the long run.

Derek Sivers, a super nice millionaire entrepreneur and author of Anything You Want, explains in his short TED talk that when we tell others our goals, (like those all-important weight loss goals), it tricks our brains into believing that the act is already done, therefore minimizing our motivation.

A group of researchers at New York City University back this up. Their studies show that when people announce their goals, they are less likely to attain them. The bottom line of their research is clear: “When other people take notice of one’s identity-relevant behavioral intentions, one’s performance of the intended behaviors is compromised.”

But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tell anyone.  Accountability is still a big factor, and in most cases, when you have a weight loss goal, getting a coach or joining a support group will be an invaluable practice. (Holler my way if you’re in need of a coach who’ll make sure you don’t slack on your goals.)

Weight loss is always a top new years resolutions every year in America. If it’s yours, try keeping it within, allowing the goal to ruminate and fuel you in success. Don’t worry, when the pounds come off, people will notice without you having to say a word.

Check out Derek Sivers TED Talk Below:



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