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Fitness and Weight Loss Challenges
Striving to Keep Moving Forward

I’m a sucker for a weight loss challenge. Just dangle something over my head that seems nearly impossible, and I’m like a bug with a zapper. Can’t resist it.

It’s not that I’m a glutton for pain, it’s quite opposite, rally. The immense rush and feelings of accomplishment I feel after hitting a target or completing a challenge is my main motivator.
This has been true in every part of my life, especially weight loss. There are so many exciting new challenges to pique your mind and you body, and the more we try, the more we succeed, and the more confident we become. Then we repeat. 

Try + Succeed = Confidence x Infinity

We can always reach new levels of success. Don’t for one minute let that negative chatter in your mind lead you to believe you can’t shoot for something BIG. Your challenge has to be a little scary… or it’s just not big enough. 

This process of growth that fitness and weight loss challenges can offer is what life is all about. The success I’ve had in this physical aspect of life has affected me in ALL areas of my life. I’m a better business woman, a better lover to my hubby, a better mom, a better friend. If we use this principle of “Challenge → Success → Growth,” we will continually reach new heights of fitness.

Choosing Fitness and Weight Loss Challenges

Running Up HillWeight loss motivation is sustained by constant motion. No one succeeds by doing nothing. MOVE! Once I decided to dare myself and do my best to stay laser sharp focused on my end results (which for me is a lean and tight body,) I had to pick new fitness and other weight loss challenges. I had to keep things fresh. Results are important, and yet, so is enjoying life! So, I chose challenges that make incorporating healthy, lifelong habit not so much of a drag. It became a game to make it fun.

The first program I started with was a ‘Couch to 5K’ running program. In fact, completing that challenge and actually running a 5K, has probably been my greatest motivator. It was my very first achievement having anything to do with fitness. I did it! I am capable of pushing my body. These are things I was telling myself, which at the time, was a tired, out-of-shape mom, carrying an extra seventy pounds around. That feeling was enough of a mental explosion to fuel my journey for permanent weigh loss.

I’ve since participated in many more challenges: bodyweight goals, pushup challenges, pull-up challenges, warp speed fat loss, half marathon, and drinking water, to name few. Some of these (damn those pull-ups) I’m still working on.

When choosing fitness or weight loss challenges, I think it’s important to keep these things in mind:

•Be Goldilocks. Pick something that is not too hard, not too easy. Make it juuuuust right.

•Offer rewards to yourself if you need to. The ego can be a bitch when it questions you: “Exactly why are we doing this stupid challenge, anyway?” Pacify yourself with real rewards. I promised myself small things along the way of small goals (like a new fancy schmancy water bottle for doing a few weeks worth of a water drinking challenge) and bigger rewards for bigger challenges (like a new tattoo when I reached a certain weight.)

•Get support. I found other people who were struggling at the same things I was. It was a great comfort to know I wasn’t the only person around who couldn’t do a push-up.

•Don’t pick contradictory challenges. If you pick a running a marathon challenge and a building muscle mass challenge at the same time, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

•Listen carefully. Sit still. Shut up for a few minutes and ask yourself what challenges you’d really like to try. The answer will come to you. Then honor it.

Always keep striving. If you fail at a challenge, so what? Try again. That’s why is called a “challenge,” not a cakewalk. There is a list of challenges below to get you started. YOU CAN DO THIS!

Challenge Yourself


Get hooked on the feeling of success. It rocks. It's what'll keep you heading in the right direction. Keep track of all your successes, too. It'll be a great confidence booster to look back on how much you've done. The following ideas can get you started. I'll have more details coming soon. There are some goal tracking sheets I posted for you all to use freely to help you stay focused and organized. And remember, HAVE A BLAST. Because if you don't learn to love the "pain," you'll never make it! 

Body Fat Challenge (complete with calculators, charts, and sample goals)

Push-Up Challenge (with added video helps, a chart - even if you can't do one!)

Pull-Up Challenge (oh, please, God, help us ladies with this one!)

Water Challenge (A key to lifelong health and fitness)

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