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I wish that someone had given me a Cliff Notes for the Perfect Physique chock full of weight loss articles at the beginning of my fitness journey. It would've been nice to have fed on a steady diet of motivation with solid, practical advice to help me actually follow through with my dreams, not just fill my head fluffy facts.

How much easier my life would have been to have had a list that contained all the small details I now know. All these combined lessons and strategies is what has delivered the success I've worked so hard to attain!

I've wasted precious time with countless diet restarts and failures, and workout plans that made too little progress. But, I've learned a great deal over the past few years, creating a lifestyle of fitness.

Simple techniques like mental strategies, spreadsheets for tracking food, how to deal with food addictions, and how to make a conscientious effort to fuel my mind with positive motivation: these are the things that have made a difference.

The sum total of all these efforts is success, and I'm chronicling those strategies into weight loss articles on this site.Moving Waters by Ishrona

It's of the utmost importance to brainwash yourself to believe in the possibility of your weight loss success. Bombard your mind with success mojo and push yourself to stay motivated even when you don't feel like it.

Inundate yourself with motivation. Soak in excellence as often as you can. Sign up for the Body Mojo newsletter (bottom of page on the right) and I'll let you know when I post new articles, workout playlists, inspirational movies, etc.

As you progress towards your fat loss and muscle building goals, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Motivation is not a one time deal. Just as we need to brush our teeth everyday, we need to fill up our minds and spirits on a daily basis to stay revved up.
  2. A medley of tactics is a must. Without variety and change integrated into your nutrition, your workouts, and even your approach to fitness in general, you will fail! Stagnation equals death.
  3. Know and trust yourself. Be real with yourself. Skip the games of self depreciation or denial and listen to what you really need. Sometimes it's time off from your program. Other times it's to kick it up a few levels or to change it completely.
  4. Just accept that it sucks sometimes. Don't let the simplicity of this statement undermine its importance. Carving the body you want hurts sometimes. At one time or another, it will physically or mentally suck. Face it. Embrace it. Suck it up.
  5. Thought management is the key to fitness success. You are the power of your thoughts. Think doughnuts, be a doughnut. Think about sitting on the couch instead of exercising, be a couch potato with a mashed butt to match. Think hard and lean, be hard and lean. Police your thoughts religiously.

Just keep going in the right direction. Use everything you can to stay focused on your goals. You can and WILL become your vision!

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