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Mental Training Tactics
Using Your Mind for Weight Loss Success

Weight loss affirmations, EFT, visualizations... Mental aspects really should be the meat of any fitness, weight loss, or athletic endeavor. In fact, I'm growing clearer and clearer that the culprit of failure is poor mental training.

This mental aspect of weight loss gets me giddy, like a kid with a new toy. I LOVE delving into these tactics because 1. They're fast becoming a reliable science, and 2. They work!

Now, I'm far from an airy fairy kind of person. I loathe couch dreamers who never actually do the work to manifest their dreams. But I'm a huge advocate of the power and use of thought. I don't like using the term "Law of Attraction" (it's just oozing commercial hype), but the idea of using the mind to create the life has been around for thousands of years.

From Jesus' ask-believe-receive principles, to Einstein's Unified Field Theory, to Emerson's Transcendentalism, to modern day positive thinkers and quantum physics: It all means the same thing. What you intently focus on will manifest. It cannot be denied that you can use your mind to create the life, and the body, that you want.

The human mind is still in its infancy. Although we've only just begun to grasp this mind field, people have developed a few solid methods we can employ to help create the bodies we want. If I had one wish regarding what I would give folks who are struggling with body composition issues, it would be to harness their mind power; to know that they truly have power over their circumstances and have all the tools they need at their disposal. Yes, it takes some digging and yes, it's hard work. But it can be done. Here are just some of the tactics available. I've tried these methods and attest to their viability.

Weight Loss Affirmations
These affirmations are the lifeblood of success. They are like basic training in the military. You simply cannot win and achieve anything without having the correct, positive mindset. You do this by religiously training yourself to think on the results you want. Words have power. They align you with what you want. There is too much to explain in one short article here how to effectively use weight loss affirmations. There are more articles on this subject below. Go for Mental Weight Losssimple, direct, positive phrases that ring true to your desires. Some of the ones I currently use are:

  • I love feeling lean and tight.

    12% body fat is on it's way!

    I love running sprints and getting a tight butt.

Unfortunately, many people never use this great resource. Lots of people will try weight loss affirmations, but are leery of other mental training tactics. This is not a foo foo fakey method. It's just another success tool that works. I'd never really studied hypnotism, but I came across a weight loss hypnotism CD and thought, well, why not? It won't kill me. So, I did it. It worked amazingly well! I had no preconceptions about it and didn't really know what to expect. But, something just clicked. I felt empowered and I added one more weapon to my weight loss arsenal.

EFT stands for emotional freedom technique and it was something I learned about in passing. Unsure if whether or not it was another gimmick, I decided to give it a try since you can learn how to do it in 5 minutes. A simple tapping procedure, it actually has helped me reduce cravings and stay on track quite a bit. Could it be psychosomatic? Sure. But it works, so I don't give a crap if it is. Here's a quick video someone made that you can use right away.

Not only do successful people use weight loss affirmations, but they also naturally visualize. It prepares your body and you mind to accept, prepare for, and achieve the body you really want. The clearer your vision, the greater and faster the manifestation. And, it's fun. I love when I'm visualizing the body I'm going to have and all the things I'm going to do in it. I'll be sexier, faster, and more energetic. These visualizations help steer me in that direction.

Since I know that this idea that most of us share of having a fit, healthy (ripped, even) body is an endeavor that never ends, I figure that we ought to try as many methods as we can to keep things fresh and to keep our motivation alive. You mind is the fuel of success. Use it! We can't neglect this fundamental tool of weight loss success. Let's make this happen!

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The study and use of mental training will speed along your fitness endeavors and help put you in a groove, as opposed to a rut. Use weight loss affirmations and any other tools you can. Here are a few articles, coming soon, on the subject below. Get notified when more are posted.

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