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Using Negativity as a Catalyst for Change
Motivation for Weight Loss

Negativity oftentimes slaps us smack in the face, especially when we’re at our lowest point.  Using negativity in reverse fashion can help you turn it into a powerful catalyst for change, and help fuel your motivation for weight loss.

Negativity is irrespective of persons.  From corporate downsizing to stubbed toes, crap happens.  Let’s say you’re feeling kind of schlumpy.  Then, bam!  A friend remarks that you’ve put on a few pounds.  A friend called me up in tears recently over an episode like this. It happens to best of us.

The question, then, isn’t will negativity cross your path, but what you will do about it when it does.  Will you allow it to seep into your subconscious, letting those seeds of negativity take root?  Conversely, will you simply allow them to fall by the wayside and shrivel up?

Most people seem to choose of the above options.  If someone comments on your weight, for example, you may choose option one and allow that thought to set up house in your mind.   You may get discouraged, and your subconscious will start to believe and act on that input.  Your mind, with the aid of that nasty thought, may trick you into believing you don’t deserve or can’t achieve the body you’re after.  Acting on that internal dialogue, you may unconsciously eat more, exercise less, and eventually prove the negative statement true. 

Sound far-fetched?  Hardly.  You can trace any manifestation back to a root thought.

Catalyst for Change, CC Liscense by AlasisLet’s say you’re more optimistic, though, and you choose option two, allowing the snarky comment to roll of your back.  You may deny the statement and let it go, wasting zero time on it.  This tactic is pretty effective at annihilating unwanted thoughts.

Option two may look like the wiser choice, and indeed it is better than option one.  However, I’d like to present you with a third option; one that requires a little fortitude, but has the potential to yield much greater results.  This equivocates into more motivation for weight loss using negativity as fodder and a catalyst for change.

Let’s stay with the example of someone commenting on your weight.  It happens frequently to my clients and it affects everyone nearly the same way;  either anger or self-loathing.  Instead of spiraling into negativity or ignoring the comment, why not take a good, hard look at the facts, how they make you feel, and use that knowledge as fuel to bring about the change you wish to see.

Yes, a comment like, “Hey, you packing a few extra pounds?,” or “So, when are you due?” (when you’re not even pregnant) stings your ego.  It may push you to cower, refute, or even retaliate.  Likely, you’ll just want to go wolf down a pint of ice cream or another comfort food to reduce the stinging.

Instead, as soon as you become aware of what’s happening, why not try a technique called VAPOR?  Using this simple method, you can successfully (albeit not easily) use negativity as a catalyst for change.

Read about how I use VAPOR (Validate, Accept, Plan, Obstinate, Results) and how this simple mental technique can bring about rapid motivation for weight loss.  I’m sure not many coaches tell you, “Don’t waste the negativity,” but I am!  Consider it a gift.  Read the article here: How to Use VAPOR as Motivation for Weight Loss (coming June 1)

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