Awesome Weight Loss Motivation Total Body Workout to Rip Muscles. Maintain Raw Endurance and Power

Total Body Workout
Hardcore Workout at Home

A total body workout can be executed anywhere at anytime. Hopefully, we've evolved enough in fitness culture, to understand that a gym membership is not mandatory to a fit body. It is, in fact, just a preference.

In case you are one of the the gym rats who believe that unless you're pumping iron at the gym, you're not really working out, consider this: You're wrong. Every muscle of the body can be worked out with either bodyweight, or very simple equipment. In terms of real benefits, functional training is leagues ahead traditional (dare I say out-dated?) training.


Now, this total body workout below, at first glance looks easy, right? I mean, with only seven basic exercises, how hard can it be? Well, as hard as you want it to be.

People forget to listen to their intuition when working out. If you shut up long enough and listen, your body will tell you exactly what you need to do to take it to the next level. Maybe it wants to do more reps, or go faster, or slow down and squeeze harder.

Just listen, obey, and PUSH. If you are pushing hard and pouring all your energy into the workout, you will progress to unbelievable heights.

If you're looking for a total body workout, chances are you're doing it three days a week. To keep the body challenged, you can still use this workout, but switch it up in the following ways:

Day 1: 3 Rounds of 20 reps each with no 1 min. rest between rounds and 15 seconds of rest between workouts.

Day 2: Rest or Cardio

Day 3: Fly, as fast as you can, through 6 rounds of 10 reps each, no resting.

Day 4: Rest or Cardio

Day 5: 4 Rounds of 4-8 reps each, making each workout as difficult as possible. Wear a weighted backpack, work the negative, and squeeze with everything you've got.

Day 6 and 7: Rest or Cardio

Total Body Workout Exercises

•Pushups (according to your level - either on your knees, feet elevated, headstand, weighted,etc.)

•Jumping Squats (jump high and go down low )

•Bench dips (according to your level - either legs bent and close, extended, or feet raised on another surface)

•Pull-ups (according to your level - assisted, regular, kips, one armed, or weighted)

•Bulgarian Split Squats

•Ball Pass Crunches (crunch upper and lower abs while passing a stability ball between your hand and feet)

•Chin Ups (bicep focused - squeeze)

•Box Jumps (height and speed according to your ability)

That's it. Do this plan consistently for three or four weeks and you'll see great improvement in your body composition. Real strength will be gained - no air puffed muscles, here!

Stay strong. Be fit for life. You can do this!

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