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No Time for Fitness? Why Not Work More, Do Less?

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks digesting the book, Work Less, Do More by Jan Yager, Ph.D.  It’s one of the most down-to-earth guides to simultaneously decreasing your workload and increasing your productivity that I’ve ever read.  You're wrong if you think you've got no time for fitness. Everyone struggling to incorporate the added dimension of fitness into their life knows that managing time and resources is essential. It can be done.

Aptly subtitled “The 14 Day Productivity Makeover,” Yager’s book helps readers whittle activity down to an effective, comfortable pace.  With step-by-step instructions, the book helps you accomplish more with your given 1,440 minutes a day.  A plethora of time management tools are on the market today, and we’ve got to be selective when it comes to which tools we put into practice.  I’ve found Work Less, Do More to be one of those valuable tools.

Jan Yager, Ph.D. is a speaker, writer, and coach.  Her degree in sociology has helped her on her career path, specializing in topics such as time management, friendships, relationships in the workplace, business, and writing.  Her long list of interviews on established programs such as The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Today Show, and The View demonstrates her credibility and impeccable knowledge on these topics.

Work Less Do MoreSome of the topics covered in the book include goal setting, prioritizing, paperwork, email communications, and maximizing meetings.  Each chapter contains practical advice and action steps to take.  Quizzes, vital information presented in easy-to-read charts and graphs, lists, and diagrams are sprinkled throughout the book.  Each chapter concludes with a “Beat the Clock” exercise which helps immediately you put into action what you’ve been learning, in order to solidify the techniques and serve as a catalyst for change.

One of my favorite chapters in Work Less, Do More deals with what Yager calls the Five P’s:  procrastination, perfectionism, poor planning, pacing, and petulance.  I’m so glad someone finally covered the topic of petulance, otherwise known as plain ol’ grouchiness.  I’m a huge fan of positive thinking, and Yager relays important info regarding the energizing affect of enthusiasm and a positive mental outlook.

I also love Day 6, the chapter that deals with organization.  Yager begins with a short quiz on the signs of disorder and how to combat it.  She includes a sample appointment book format, a list to help organize your repetitive tasks, office organization techniques and considerations, and tips on organizing your home.

I took this chapter to heart and organized all my fitness equipment and info.  I put all my free weights in order and made them easily accessible.  I finally hung up the weight training charts and motivational quotes I’ve been meaning to for ages.  I installed hooks to hang my miscellaneous equipment like my TRX, my resistance bands, and my jump rope.  I put all my workout journals and papers in one location, and even organized and straightened my supplement cabinet.  Awesome, huh?

When you order your book, (and I highly recommend that you do as soon as possible,) skim through it first if you wish, but then commit to working through the book in its entirety.  We tend to skip over topics are lessons that are uncomfortable, but it’s likely that the reason they are uncomfortable is precisely because they are in dire need of attention.  For example, I was tempted to skip the chapter on paperwork.  I tried to convince myself I didn’t need that chapter because I didn’t have much paperwork; that I was primarily electronic-based.  Wrong.  I still had floating paperwork and a poor system – I just didn’t want to deal with it.

Yep, I was dealing with denial and procrastination. I forced myself to work through the chapter, dealt with my clutter, and viola!  I’m cleaner, more organized, and feeling quite good about myself for sticking to it.

See a little video on Yager’s Work Less, Do More here:


You can visit Jan Yager and see what she’s up to or pick up a copy of her book.  Remember, you can find the time for fitness if you make the time.  We’re all given 24 hours every day.  Make sure you use your time consciously and wisely, and fill up your time with the things that really matter, like your family, your health, and your chosen passions.

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