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Inspiring People to Motivate Us
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Inspiring people are often overlooked for the practical value they have towards achieving goals.  If you were to have seen me a few short years ago, it would never enter your mind that I could ever enter a race or train for a figure competition.  All you’d see is a fat woman, hiding behind her family responsibilities, ignoring the physical aspects of life.  Seventy pounds of solid fat is a lot of weight to even imagine coming off.  Especially, if like me, you’ve always been heavy. 

It’s difficult to harness even a remote hope that a fit person can emerge from an out-of-shape body.  Sure, you hear things like, “It’s just a simple matter of calories in versus calories out,” or “All you gotta do is exercise.”  All an overweight person who is down on themselves thinks when they hear these comments is, “Bull.”  It’s so very, very hard to actually believe it and see yourself as a lean person in your mind’s eye.

This is where the lives of inspiring people can really benefit us.  As I began my weight loss journey, I was instinctively drawn to those who had gone the distance and were successful.  I would read all kinds of success stories from real people, bathe myself in images of people who had carved out the kind of body my soul longed for, and loiter at blogs and youtube, gleaning inspirational tidbits form people who had conquered body transformations.

I read biographies of Schwarzenegger and of extremists like Dean Karnazes and Armstrong.  I would read about successful people who started from nothing, like Ford, to the rigorous habits of people like Ben Franklin and Mary Lou Retton.  And, I would religiously read about the details and insights of the men and women of fitness and bodybuilding magazines, like Oxygen and Iron Man.

Inspiring_People by photologicAll these inspiring people have blazed paths to success.  If we surround ourselves with proof that success is possible, then we CAN start to believe it’s achievable for us.

I think it’s crucial to feed our mind and hearts with motivation and guidance from people who can help show us the way.  Believe deep down that one day YOU will be the person others are aspiring to. 

One of my most encouraging moments was when I overheard two acquaintances of mine talking at a Christmas party.  They were discussing their New Years resolutions and one lady said to the other in a joking, but truthful tone, “My resolution is to be more like Sunny.  She’s overhauled her life, started running, and really has her #*it together.”  I still beam with inner goo every time I think of that. 

We should all strive to become inspirations, right?  If you’re already well on the path of weight loss and fitness achievement, get your story out there.  Let your life aid others.
At the bottom of the page, you’ll find a list of articles about folks that can truly bring motivation to your daily life.  I love including facts, pictures, interviews…anything that can add layers of motivation, of positive mojo to your lifestyle of fitness victory.


Dreamers and Doers
List of Inspirational Peeps

Lots of great articles are on the way. I'm just so dang busy hanging out with these successful people and sucking up all their wisdom, it's exceedingly difficult to find time to actually post them there. But I'm getting there! Sign up for the newsletter if you want to stay posted. Or let me know if YOU are one of these inspirational people. I'd love to hear your story and get it out to others.

Jamin Thompson Jamin Thompson
No Whining. No Regrets.


Step the Hell out of His Way



Dean KarnazesDean Karnzes
Just Keep Going and Going




Monica BrantMonica Brant
Make your Own Success





Ben_FranklinBen Franklin
Every Second Counts




Mary_Lou_RettonMary Lou Retton
Discipline is Not an Option

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