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How to Design Your Own Simple Workout
Easy Workout Ideas

I hear from people all the time that they don't have time to workout, much less design their own simple workout program.  We all know that achieving our goals really is a matter of prioritizing. 

If you aren't exercising regularly, you simply aren't putting fitness high enough on your list of priorities. It happens to all of us.  The best thing to do if you find your exercise commitment slipping is to recognize the problem (which you are obviously doing now,) and then renew your commitment by reminding yourself of why you wanted to get fit in the first place. 

Designing your own simple workout and exercise regimen is not complicated, really.  Let's say you're a beginner and your goal is to do cardio three times a week and strength training three times a week.

For cardio - you could pick three different activities, or choose the same activity but switch up the methodology.  For example, if you jog for your cardio, one day you could do a tempo jog for 30 minutes, one day you could do sprints, and one day you could do a slow, steady hour jog.

Strength training plans are just as easy to whip together, even when you have very little planning or prep time. 

For a simple workout on the go, try this method:

1.  Select the muscles you want to target      
2.  Choose 1 to 3 exercises per muscle group (preferably compound moves)
3.  Perform them back to back in superset form
4.  Repeat in rounds (generally 2 to 4 rounds, or as long as time allows.)

So here's a quick example following the above method:No excuses, creative commons liscense by bitmask

1.  Legs, shoulders, abs
2.  Legs - squats, lunges.
    Shoulders - overhead press, upright rows.
    Abs - lower crunches, bicycle crunches.
3.  Superset one: 20 squats, 15 overhead presses, 30 lower crunches.
    Superset two:  10 lunges, 15 upright rows, 30 bicycle crunches.
4.  Repeat each superset 3 times.

I try keeping a set of exercise bands in the car or with me when I travel, so I'm never without resistance options for a simple workout off the cuff.  I also keep a jump rope with me for effective cardio where ever I go.  If I only have 10 minutes to get a little exercise in, the jump rope is a lifesaver.  A little prep goes a long way.

Of course, if you’re the type of person who prefers to have a coach doing the entire workout planning for you and helping you take it up a notch, I can help you with that, too. 

Remember, procrastination kills and makes us fat and lazy. Your chosen exercise methods aren’t that important -  Just get moving!

Simple Workouts To Try

Here are a bunch of workouts to try. Remember to suit them to your specific needs. Some of them use bands (I love the convenience of these), some use free weights, some are body weight routines, and some are traditional gym workouts. I'm always hunting new ways to spice it up, so there are pointers and tips for each workout. Have fun!

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How to Design Your Own Simple Workout

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