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Goal setting tools help for the bedrock of any weight loss program or fitness regimen. I've

learned, through trial and error, that without the right goals and ture vision, I was going to keep running my chubby little legs on the hamster wheel of weight loss.

Sure, I knew I wanted to be "fit." I knew I wanted to feel comfortable in my own sin. I wanted to like myself again. But, because my goals weren't clear and I had no practice in the art of active visualization, I had no real way to tell if I was getting real results.

So, I came across a few sources, namely Precision Nutrition and Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle, and they talked about the importance of goal setting and how to do it properly. One of the best books on this subject I've read is Maximum Achievement by Brian Tracey. You can apply the whole book to any part of life, including your health and weight loss endeavors.

I reset and tweaked my goals, and learned how to visualize with passion. I felt it in my bones that my desires would manifest. They steadily have. Holy crap! This stuff works! Using my brain, mustering up some mojo, and utilizing a few goal setting tools started producing results.

I constantly upgrade my goals. I religiously track them, too. It helps give me the weight loss motivation I need. When I go about reassessing my goals and forming my new ones, I discovered they all fit under these four guidelines:

The 4 C's Of Goal Setting

Crystal Clear. You simply can't hit a target if you don't know what it is. Goals must be super precise. "Look sexy" = bad goal. "Be 12% Body Fat" = good goal.

Conquerable. Yes, goals must be big enough to scare you a little. They have to be grand enough to keep you motivated. Just make sure they're actually doable. Discouragement will plaque those who try for something that's not meant for their body. However, most anything is possible. Listen closely to the voice within and it'll give you your heading.Goal Setting Tools

Checklist Worthy. If it's not a goal that doesn't have an ending date, chuck it. If you'll never know exactly when you arrive at the finish line, you can't check it off your list. It's never accomplished. "Feel better in my skin" = bad. "Lose 2 lbs a week for ten weeks to achieve my goal weight of 130 lbs." = much better.

Charismatic. If your goal isn't imbued with passion, why the heck are you wasting your time with it? If you don't often wake up like a 6 year old on Christmas morning, geared up to work towards your goals, then it simply doesn't have enough fire power to keep your motivation flame glowing.

I've created a lot of tools and forms to help track my goals. I'm pretty pragmatic, and these tools help me make sure I'm heading down the path I've chosen. Below are some goal setting forms that you're free to download. Don't forget to use the calculators and charts to help you set your goals. And never give up. You really can do this. No matter where you are on your path, you are going to succeed. Just keep at it. Keep your eye on the prize. Success happens!!

Goal Setting Tools
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