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The Best Workout Ever
My Secret to Weight Loss and Muscle Growth

You know what the best workout in the world is? Want to know my secret to my long standing weight loss and pounds of healthy muscle gain? It seems like everybody is always on the hunt for "the best workout ever." People will argue until they're blue in the face over which exercise program is the way.

Best WorkoutI've tried over twenty kinds of workouts and have paid thousands of dollars in my insane search for workout perfection. So, you want to know what I've discovered, what the hidden secret is?


For those of you who didn't know I was going to say that, you must still be on the hunt. The search is over, people! Don't lose hope, though. There's another way to state my secret with a more positive ambiance:


In order to maintain weight loss success, you actually have to do the workouts. And, you've got to switch them up. Seeing skinny fat ladies performing the same cute little machine circuit week after week, makes me want to barf up my MRP. Or, to the dude who always flocks to the bench press: "Great pecs, but you're teetering on your toothpick legs, man."

There are infinite workouts possibilities. Think about that for a second. You NEVER need to suffer from boredom. This is such a fortunate thing because monotony will kill accomplishment. Jazzing up your workouts helps make this whole spcheil a lifelong endeavor, not a "get buff in two weeks" deal.

I'm sharing lots of different workouts I've done from 3 day total body workouts, to marine corp style, to hard and heavy 5 day splits. Feel free to copy my regimens to use for yourself. They'll be at the end of this page. Remember though, none of these rank any higher in success rate. It's the combination and the workout rotation that helps burn the fat and put on healthy muscle.

Here are three keys to ANY strength training program:

Rotation. Rotate your workout routine every 4-6 weeks. Without muscle confusion, you are doomed to failure. Plus, you'll waste time and look like an ignoramus.

Convenience. Make it convenient. If it's too much of a pain in the butt to do, chances are you won't. If your life is super busy right now, embrace supersets. If your kids are little and need you, choose a strength training routine you can do at home.

Fun. Make it enjoyable. I think the reason most people fail at maintaining the programs is because they simply don't like it. find something you like. Pumping iron wasn't something I enjoyed doing at first. I've learned to like it. I dance between sets. No joke. I'm rhythm-impaired, but it makes me laugh and loosens me up. Or I'll chant mantras (Push harder. Go longer.) while working out. No matter how goofy I look doing the white girl shuffle and talking to myself, I do it because it makes exercise FUN. I truly love lifting now.

So, stop the futile hunt for the best workout. Just pick one out. Repeat for a few weeks. Pick a new one. Repeat for a few weeks. Add some flair. Then repeat this whole process for the rest of your life and reap ultimate rewards.

Stay motivated. Stay pumped. YOU CAN DO THIS!

Workouts To Try

Here are a bunch of workouts to try. Remember to suit them to your specific needs. Some of them use bands (I love the convenience of these), some use free weights, some are body weight routines, and some are traditional gym workouts. I'm always hunting new ways to spice it up, so there are pointers and tips for each workout. Have fun!

Cinder Block Workout

3 Day Total Body Workout

Bootcamp Style

4 Day Split

5 Day Split

Total Body Band Workout

No Gym Req. Exercises

Killer Upper Body Workout

Best Glute Workout


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