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Body Mojo was founded by Sunny, born out of her love of fitness and helping others achieve success.

Back in 2006, she was a fat, tired mom, who had yet to believe a strong, fit body was possible. Slowly, she has learned how to live the healthy and fit way, and has shed over 60 pounds of fat. She is still earnestly striving to better her physique and help others follow suit. That's why Body Mojo at was birthed - to help supply the necessary motivation to keep people power charged to continue on their own personal journey of fitness success. Sunny at Body Mojo

Sunny is a freelance writer, entrepreneur, copywriter, columnist, web designer, and is currently busy trying to step up her game in a few niche markets.

Sunny is a mother of four cool kids, whom she has homeschooled since the beginning. She and her husband live on their acreage in Smalltown, USA, doing their best to build a solid homestead.

Random Facts about Sunny

Fitness FactsShe was born in Key West, a small pub floating off the tip of Florida.

Fitness FactsHer favorite cuisine is Cuban.

Fitness FactsShe has black labs, bee hives, barn cats, chickens, and ducks.

Fitness FactsIf she could work out with anyone for a day, it'd be Valerie Waugaman or Dwayne Johnson.

Fitness FactsShe hates sprinting, but does it regularly.

Fitness FactsShe has long, skinny fingers.

Fitness FactsShe believes cauliflower is absolutely pointless.

Fitness FactsIf a movie is about chicks fighting and has cheesy moves and effects, chances are she loves it.

Fitness FactsHer favorite words in the world are: "I love you, Mommy."

Fitness FactsShe loves to work biceps and legs and hates doing back and chest.

Fitness FactsThe library is her second home.

Fitness FactsHer favorite things to do on dates are playing pool and going hiking.

Thanks for visiting Body Mojo. Remember, we can all do this. We can all go against the cultural norm of chunky, lazy people. All things are possible with faith and action. No more excuses. This is your life. Live it up, or quityerbellyachin'!

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