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Weight Loss Motivation that Works? You betcha.

PeaSapI am a motivation hunter, always on the prowl, ever seeking new techniques that help people maintain their motivation level, particularly in the weight loss and fitness arena.

No two people are engineered the same, right? One may get pumped up by watching Schwarzenegger blast through his heavy weights. Another may need to enter a Fitness Competition or Transformation Contest, motivated by either the money or recognition. There are as many paths to lifelong fitness as there are people seeking these paths. Sure and steady motivation is what keeps us plodding along.

But you know what? I hate plodding!

It sounds...boring. I'd much rather "blast" or "skip." Hauling ass down the path to an excellent physique and total health. Yeah, that works for me.

And there are tons of solid info, weight loss motivation, and practices that lead to lasting success. It's no one thing that ensures weight loss and muscle building excellence.

It's the summation of all the little things along the way. It's my calling to serve up a platter of motivation to help people make steps in the direction of their physical goals and visions. That's what this site is all about.

Some motivating elements of all weight loss, fitness, bodybuilding, athletic, and weight maintenance programs are the same, though. I try to cover those, too. We all need to be masters of goal setting. We all need a solid vision of our future selves. We need tried and true workout, cardio, and meal prep techniques that keep boredom a stranger.

And, to actually thrive, we all need extra shots of mojo to motivate us when the juices are just flat out running low. I sincerely hope to help all my readers to get their daily motivation with my tips, articles, and personal experiences. Rev Up!!


Recent Articles

All the info you can find on the this site is under the catergories over there on the right. But, if you're like me, and like to just start jumping and see what motivational tidbits fate may bring your way, here are some articles to get you started.  

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